Little and Big Things in 2011

Little and Big Things in 2011 – UnsplashCom
Little and Big Things in 2011. I had my medical check-up and found out that the breast mass may not be a potential harm. Yey! Praise God!After several months of worrying here and there if I might die young or not (hahaha!), the medical results show that the mass has become liquid. Can I believe it? As in! All I can say is that the power of prayers is powerful indeed! Thank You Lord! Praise to

And Then There Was, No Light

And Then There Was – No Light
When all the food has been consumed, a good-night sleep beckons, and my boardmates have gone off to their night-shift work, all the lights went off at the strike of midnight of July 2, my birthday. Brownout! I lighted four candles, smiled to myself, and said, “Well, this must be a good sign, Happy Birthday to me!” I know somewhere an eclipse occurs as stated in some astrology slash weather

Two Years And Counting

Two Years And Counting
I often go back to the deepest recesses of my Outlook email to re-read the following write-up. It was sent by Chad years ago, at the time when I was still a new hire.  The author’s wisdom then became my favorite motivatoion not just in my job but in other aspects of life as well. The challenging words made me ask myself: push myself forward? OR stay in my safe, comfort zone? Reading it

Top Five Artists Who Made My ChildHood

Top Five Artists Who Made My ChildHood – PixabayCom
the story of five artists who made my childhood will be reviewed briefly, please read and hopefully evoke wonderful period in antiquity Spice Girls Did I start off too strong? They named what you know now as Girl Power dudes! Though they are more of pop, their songs made a lot of sense. I still keep track of where they are now and who would even miss out Mrs. David Beckham formerly known
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